Tapswap Delays Token Allocation Once More


Tapswap, a popular tap-to-earn app powered by the TON Blockchain, has postponed its token allocation event to the third quarter of 2024

The app, which has amassed over 50 million users since its launch on February 15, 2024, requires users to repeatedly tap an icon in the Telegram Tapswap bot to earn coins.

The management cited the need to engage in discussions with tier-1 exchanges globally as the reason for the postponement, which was initially scheduled for July 1st.

They stated that the increased attention on Tapswap, with the project becoming a major player in the global market, has attracted not just scammers but also leaders in the web3 industry.

The Tapswap team is in active talks with these tier-1 exchanges and is thrilled with the support from its community. They explained that the postponement will allow them to focus on refining the tokenomics and launch strategy to ensure a fair and profitable launch in the third quarter.

Despite the delay, Tapswap encouraged its players to remain optimistic and promised more exciting updates in the future. The company also stated that it will allocate a significant portion of the tokens to the community to retain the tappers and ensure that the token airdrop is a win-win for all.

Nigerians, both young and old, have been eagerly tapping their phones, with some hoping to use their accumulated tokens to purchase cars and houses.

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