NFF to Charge Osimhen for Verbal Assault on Former Coach Finidi

...opens disciplinary proceedings
victor osimhen vs finidi geoge
victor osimhen vs finidi geoge

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) plans to discipline Super Eagles first-choice striker Victor Osimhen for his recent verbal assault on former coach Finidi George.

This incident follows Finidi's resignation as coach of the senior national team, which was announced last Friday.
Osimhen openly criticized Finidi for doubting his devotion to the squad, especially his absence from the World Cup qualifiers against South Africa and the Benin Republic.

Finidi also contacted Osimhen to clarify the matter and explain that the reports he reacted to were inaccurate and misleading.

An NFF board member has stated that the federation is committed to set an example by taking action against Osimhen's behaviour.

The board member stated, “Osimhen is a role model, and the only way we can help the incoming coach stamp his authority is by using him to set an example. He crossed the line with his outburst, even when Finidi called him to explain. He still didn’t deem it fit to retract his statements. We won’t condone that, and after the Salah break, we will sit on the issue. I can tell you he won’t be in the team until he says sorry for his actions.”

The NFF's decision to prosecute Osimhen with inappropriate behavior demonstrates the organization's commitment to ensuring a professional and respectful environment within the national team. As the Super Eagles prepare to select a new expatriate coach, it remains to be seen how this episode would affect Osimhen's future participation with the team and whether he will publicly apologize to Finidi and the National Football Federation.

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