Tinubu Meets Ramaphosa, Promises Collaborations With South Africa

Tinubu Meets Ramaphosa
Tinubu Meets Ramaphosa

President Bola Tinubu, wrapped off his trip to South Africa on Thursday, meeting with President Cyril Ramaphosa, who had just been sworn into office, to talk about enhancing trade and economic relations between the two regional powers.

Before the bilateral meeting of the two leaders on Thursday, Tinubu had been present at Ramaphosa's inauguration ceremony in Pretoria on Wednesday.

Following the meeting, Tinubu stated that the main topics of conversation was bolstering the economic ties and fostering collaboration between South Africa and Nigeria.

He praised Ramaphosa’s warm reception and dedication to mutual respect and cooperation, which the Nigerian leader said shows the depth of their relationship.

The two presidents promised to collaborate in creating strong trade and economic policies to address issues that confront their countries.

President Tinubu voiced hope that deeper cooperation could result in more prosperity and unification for both countries.

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