There Was Conspiracy to Annul 2023 Elections — Wole Soyinka

Says history was about to repeat itself.
Prof. Wole Soyinka
Prof. Wole Soyinka PM News Nigeria

Soyinka made this allegation in an interview on Channels Television on Wednesday, January 17, 2024.

I am alleging that there was a conspiracy before the elections to make sure the elections did not take place or even if it did happen, everything will happen as it did under Babangida..history was about to repeat itself.

He said, “An attempt was made to annul the (2023) election even before it took place. There were statements from respectable people who, for reasons best known to them, were calling for an interim government, and this was opposed.

“No sooner was the voting over that we had a letter directed to the then-president calling for the annulment of the result, even before there was time for verification, annulment through further examination of papers and all.

“I’m alleging that there was a conspiracy from the beginning, even before the election, to make sure that elections did not take place and that everything would happen;

“… just like under Babaginda, where we all woke up and discovered that, even though the elections had been tabulated, suddenly it was annulled.

“History was about repeating itself, and some people were determined to take us back,” he asserted.

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