Shettima Task Political Aides to Promote Integrity of Tinubu Govt

Says the responsibilities they carry isn’t merely about fulfilling their roles; Adding that it encompasses the aspirations of our entire nation.
Vice President Kashim Shettima
Vice President Kashim Shettima Google

The Vice President of Nigeria, Kashim Shettima Mustapha, on Monday in Abuja, advised political aides to avoid any actions that could tarnish the reputation of President Bola Tinubu’s led government.

Shettima revealed this at the opening of the retreat and sensitization programme for political aides and senior civil servants on administrative procedure and governance in the public sector.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the retreat is being organized by the State House in conjunction with Direct Knowledge Consult Ltd., from Sept. 4 to Sept. 22, at the Army Resource Centre.

He said “It is essential to exercise discretion in both your public and private lives and to avoid any actions that could tarnish the reputation of the government.

”From today, your words and actions will undergo more intense scrutiny, occasionally even rigorous criticism.

”The responsibility you carry isn’t merely about fulfilling your role; it encompasses the aspirations of our entire nation.”

Speaking on the topic: “Forging a Path to Responsible Governance: A Call to Political Aides,” Shettima affirmed that the retreat was designed to equip participants with tenets of public administration.

”The retreat is designed to facilitate your transition and equip you with the fundamental tenets of public sector administration and governance.

”Our mission is to uplift the lives of our citizens impartially and inspire lasting change. Leadership, for us, means breaking down barriers of inequality and fostering a safe, peaceful society.

”To truly expand educational opportunities and empower our youth with knowledge for self-reliance, we must fully dedicate ourselves to our duties within the State House".

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