Rights Activist Warns Governor Fubara Over Abuja Agreement

Says, the crisis in Rivers state may persist.
Rivers State Governor, Siminalayi Fubara
Rivers State Governor, Siminalayi FubaraFacebook

The Rivers State Governor, Sim Fubara has been advised to critically x-ray the outcome of his meeting in Abuja on the political crisis in the state to be sure it had not placed restraints on him as executive governor of the state.

Alhaji Musa, President International Human Rights Commission, Ecology and Marine, Africa, opined he was worried about the recommendations, urging the governor to assemble a credible team to advise him properly if the decisions reached in Abuja would not undermine his authority as governor of his state.

Saidu affirmed he was sure that some of those who came up with the recommendations in Abuja would probably not have accepted to implement them if they were the governor, adding that some of the recommendations appeared like a trap .

Meanwhile, Saidu recalled that after some key political players in Ondo state first met with Mr President on the political situation in the state and decisions were reached they got back home and couldn’t work with the recommendations, adding that they had to come back for another meeting where the right thing was done.

He said they had another meeting where a clear instruction came that the ailing governor should transmit a letter to his deputy to act.

Saidu said it would be proper for the governor to allow the constitution to run on some of the developments in the state like the defected lawmakers, resignation of some commissioners.

The international rights activist also urged the governor to take into consideration the feelings of those who voted him into power while giving into any agreement.

“Our position as protectors of human rights is that making an elected governor redundant is not acceptable. They have taken authority from him. The fight is against all who voted for him.

“The resolution is wrong, not acceptable to the voters. Am sure that Mr President will not accept it as governor . Tinubu will not accept it.

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