PDP Chairmanship Race: Confusion As Stakeholders Seek Top Position

PDP Chairmanship Race: Confusion As Stakeholders Seek For Position
PDP Chairmanship Race: Confusion As Stakeholders Seek For PositionNairaland

Stakeholders within Nasarawa's Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have initiated a campaign to shift the party's national chairmanship to their state.

In a statement released by Mustapha Ibrahim Umaisha and circulated to the media on Tuesday, the stakeholders asserted that it is high time for Nasarawa to be represented at the national level.

They deemed the lack of state leadership at the PDP's upper echelons as unacceptable, stating, "In the spirit of inclusivity, Nasarawa must assume a significant role in the PDP leadership, from which it has been notably absent."

The group expressed regret over the events of the 2023 election, when Nasarawa's sole advisory role in the party, held by Sen. Walid Jibrin as BOT Chairman, was forfeited due to an internal conflict. They maintained that Nasarawa's selflessness in that situation warrants acknowledgment from party members across the country.

"We have observed neighboring states like Benue, Kwara, Kogi, and Plateau relishing the position, while seats allocated to the North Central are often claimed by our peers from other states.

Now is the moment for Nasarawa to receive proper recognition. Recognizing Nasarawa's dedication to both national and state politics is crucial," the group added.

The stakeholders argued that Nasarawa offers highly capable and prominent individuals for the national chairmanship role, especially Dr. David Emmanuel Ombugadu, the party's most recent gubernatorial nominee in the 2023 governorship race.

"David Ombugadu exemplifies the core of effective leadership, earning respect and admiration at both local and national levels," the group proclaimed in the press release.

Engr KB Mohammed from Keffi echoed these sentiments, stating that overlooking Nasarawa for a national leadership position would be a mistake.

"With the increasing demand for representation, all eyes are on the PDP caucus to respond to the call for inclusivity and fairness within the party's ranks.

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