Nobody can Take my Political Structure — Wike

While hosting PDP affiliated governors in Abuja, Nysome Wike asserted that his political structure is impervious to takeover attempts, and he is ready to defend himself against any unjust opposition.
FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike
FCT Minister, Nyesom WikeThe Guardian Nigeria

The visit by the governors was part of an intervention mission to mediate in the ongoing political dispute between Rivers State Governor, Simi Fubara, and Wike, who also served as the immediate past governor of the state.

His said, “Let me thank my brothers and friends for this wonderful visit, just to appreciate Mr. President for giving me this position and we will continue to work for Mr. President to realise his renewed hope agenda.

“I have made it clear to everybody that I am not here for any party. I am here for the interest of Nigeria and the unity of the country. I am still a PDP member and I have never hidden my decision.

“They have talked about the crisis in Rivers state. Let me tell anybody who cares that nobody can intimidate me.

“It does not matter whether you go and bring thugs, or you say you are Ijaw. If I want to do something I will do it. Impeachment is not a military coup, it is provided for under the Constitution.

“About the rumours of money this and that, all that is rubbish. I just left office how many months ago? And I’m the FCT minister.

“But nobody can take away our political structure, no one. I have listened to them and for me, you cannot work and people will begin to bring enemies; those who fought you. Nobody does that.

“I hear they said I gave a limit of what he can do, I want 25 percent. These are ridiculous. I am not a political ingrate, but don’t touch the political structure in Rivers state. I will not shut my eyes.

“Forget about the Obedience and the Atikus, who have lost, who felt I did not support them, and those who revoke their C of O.

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