I Won’t Drag Authority with Obaseki, Omobayo Godwins Assures

Says he will do whatever Obaseki tells him to do.
Omobayo Godwins exchange handshake with his principal Governor Godwin Obaseki
Omobayo Godwins exchange handshake with his principal Governor Godwin Obaseki X ( Formally Twitter)

Omobayo Godwins, the recently sworn-in Deputy Governor of Edo State, has pledged his complete loyalty to his principal, stating that he will not compete for authority with Governor Godwin Obaseki.

Godwins shared this commitment during a press interview on Monday.

Governor Obaseki and Deputy Godwins are set to collaborate throughout the remainder of the governor's second four-year term.

Godwins emphasized that he is adapting to his role and is eager to follow his principal's guidance.

He stated: "I will carry out any task he assigns to me. He recognizes my strengths, and I intend to leverage them to contribute value. I am gaining political experience on the job."

He added, "I'm comfortable with the pace of my career. At over 37 years old, becoming a deputy governor has advanced my political journey, and I'm not in a hurry to challenge my governor."

Regarding Shaibu’s impeachment, he remarked, "That's the nature of politics. The primary duty is to remain loyal."

Reports indicate that Philip Shaibu contested his impeachment by the legislators, deeming it a danger to democracy.

He expressed, "This assault is not solely against me but against the democracy we cherish. It signifies a dangerous slide into despotism and endangers the pillars of our democratic system."

He disclosed that his removal was orchestrated due to his intention to run for the Edo State governorship in 2024 with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), a right guaranteed to every devoted Nigerian citizen.

Remember that Shaibu served as Governor Obaseki’s deputy from November 12, 2016, until his removal on April 8, 2024, following a prolonged political dispute between the once allies.

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