I Have No Regrets As Edo Governor – Obaseki

Godwin Obaseki
Godwin Obaseki Google photos

Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki has expressed satisfaction with the performance of his government over the last seven and a half years, saying that they have fulfilled and even exceeded all of the promises made to the electorate during the election process.

Obaseki, speaking to media in Benin City, stated that no area or industry that he vowed or discussed has been unaffected.

The governor, who stated that his administration has laid a solid foundation for the state's progress and development, stated that he will be remembered as the governor who altered the course of education in the state and led a number of reforms and programmes that have put the state on the path to prosperity.

Obaseki went on to say that he was a practical man. A governor or an administration cannot do everything. He has just laid the groundwork; with God's help, the state will have a successor who will carry on in his footsteps, advancing the goals he established and upholding the same principles of public service.

“In terms of the health care system in my State, I’ve changed it totally, moved my primary health care system from the local government and joined hands with the local government and just refreshed it. I have dealt with the major issues about health in Nigeria, which is healthcare financing, how you pay out-of-pocket. I have a thriving healthcare insurance system in Edo today that has over 250,000 policies, but it needs to grow.”

He added, “So, I just thank God that I had the opportunity to try and if I were to do it again, I will do it exactly like I did it.”

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