"How Peter Obi Will Become President of Nigeria" -Prophet Barnabas

As Peter Obi continues his legal battle against President Tinubu's victory in the 2023 election, Prophet Barnabas, a cleric based in Benue has revealed an uplifting news to Obi's supporters.
Bola Tinubu and Peter Obi
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Prophet Barnabas, from the Mercy and Grace Deliverance Ministry in Ukum local government area, confidently proclaimed that Peter Obi will become Nigeria's president in a way that defies expectations. According to the prophet, Obi is divinely destined to occupy the Aso Villa, the seat of Nigeria's presidency.

The cleric stated that God's intricate plan prevented the immediate declaration of victory for the LP candidate in the February 25, 2023 election. He shared his insights in a recent YouTube video posted on his official channel.

"Peter Obi will enter the way you don’t expect. Jagaban (referring to President Bola Tinubu) won’t finish his tenure before he (Obi) will overtake. People won’t pay attention when Obi will enter. They will ask: ‘how manage?’ Obi owns that presidential seat. Had he won that first term, me and you would have been dead. That is why God put a wrong person so that peace will reign. Now, God will replace the wrong person with the good one. It is God’s work."

In his prophetic message, Prophet Barnabas indicated that Peter Obi's journey to the presidency would unfold in an unexpected manner, catching many by surprise. He envisioned Obi's rise to power occurring before President Bola Tinubu completes his tenure.

The prophecy holds that Obi's ascent to the presidency will occur in a subtle yet significant way that defies conventional expectations. The cleric asserts that Obi is the rightful occupant of the presidential seat and that divine intervention is at play in orchestrating his eventual rise to power.

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