Akin Rotimi
Akin Rotimigoogle

House of Rep Appoints 26 People living with Disabilities as Aides

The Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Akin Rotimi, has emphasized the Chamber's commitment to enhancing grassroots involvement.

Rotimi, who represents Ekiti North 1 (Ikole/Oye) Federal Constituency, stated that the House aims to ensure inclusive representation that reflects the people's mandate.

Speaking in Ikole Ekiti on Saturday during a retreat themed "Building a team that leaves no one behind," Rotimi distributed appointment letters to 85 legislative aides and assistants, including 26 individuals with disabilities.

"The 26 PWDs will act as points of contact for persons with disabilities and will play a crucial role in advocating for their rights and needs within the federal constituency," Rotimi explained.

He further noted that the appointment of legislative aides and assistants aims to strengthen legislative representation in Ekiti North 1 Federal Constituency by involving the people in governance. These aides will facilitate feedback mechanisms from constituents at the grassroots level.

"The 10th House of Representatives is prioritizing grassroots engagement and constituency outreach. Our actions here demonstrate our commitment to remaining close to Nigerians, ensuring their mandate is honored, and representation is meaningful," Rotimi added.

"We have engaged 85 individuals at the grassroots level, including legislative advisers, assistants, PWDs, and focal points in every ward," he concluded.

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