G-60 Worried About Supposed Attempt to Freeze Rivers LG Allocation

map of rivers state
map of rivers state

The G60, a group of opposition members of the House of Representatives, has expressed concern about a purported attempt by pro-Wike former chairmen of the Rivers State local government councils to freeze LG allocations through an ex parte order.

The lawmakers disclosed this information in a statement released by their spokesperson, Hon. Ikenga Ugochinyere. They claimed to have received reliable information that certain former chairmen of local governments, whose terms had recently ended, and their financial backers were seeking an injunction from a Federal High Court to allow them to seize the local governments' monthly allotments in retaliation for their unsuccessful attempt to continue in office after their terms expired.

"I want to use this opportunity to call on the Chief Judge of the Federal high court and judges of state high court, you never can tell if they can go to Zamfara or Ogoja or anywhere, I want to call on them to be very careful and put their divisions on alert, so they won’t be used to issue exparte applications to people who are no longer elected local government chairmen." the lawmakers said.

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