Court Refuses Shaibu’s Request to Temporarily Halt Impeachment

Philip Shaibu
Philip Shaibu google

The Federal High Court in Abuja has denied Philip Shaibu, the deputy governor of Edo State,'s ex-parte petition for a temporary injunction to suspend the impeachment proceedings filed by the state assembly.

The motion, FHC/ABJ/CS/321/2024, identified many defendants, including the Edo State Government, Governor, House of Assembly, Speaker, Clerk, Chief Judge of Edo State, Inspector General of Police, and Director General of the Department of State Services.

Shaibu's lawsuit aimed to prevent the assembly from taking any action, such as issuing a notice of accusation or establishing a panel of investigation, until a move on notice was heard.

In addition, he wanted a temporary injunction against tampering with the original summons and to preserve the status quo ante bellum.

However, Justice James Omotosho, in a verdict dated March 13, rejected Shaibu's petitions, as reported by local news blogs. The court denied the ex-parte application for temporary injunction.

Meanwhile, during Tuesday's hearings, the court scheduled a hearing for Wednesday considering another ex-parte motion submitted by Shaibu, who was unable to serve the defendants and sought substituted service.

The refusal of the injunction emphasises the ongoing judicial struggle over the deputy governor's impeachment procedures, emphasising the complicated forces at work in Edo State's political scene.

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