Qatar Govt Begins Construction of 500,000 Housing Units in Kaduna

The Kaduna State Government has initiated a megacity housing project designed to benefit 500,000 impoverished and vulnerable citizens within the state.
Governor of Kaduna state
Governor of Kaduna state Facebook

Qatar has taken on the responsibility of constructing the buildings, known as the Qatar Sanabil Project.

Apart from overseeing the construction of the housing units, the Qatari Government has committed to implementing a range of interventions and empowerment initiatives aimed at assisting the less privileged throughout Kaduna.

In a significant move, Qatar has commenced the construction of 500,000 housing units in Kaduna state, marking a positive step forward. The Qatari Government has emphasized that this project targets the underprivileged residents of Kaduna state in the North-west region of Nigeria.

The inauguration of the Mega Economic City project took place on Wednesday, August 16, in Kaduna, with Qatar's Ambassador to Nigeria, Ali Bin Ghanem Al-Hajri, leading the event. Al-Hajri highlighted that the projects aim to enhance the living conditions for families facing economic challenges within the state.

The ambassador praised Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna for his support in successfully launching the Qatar Sanabil Project. Al-Hajri further disclosed that the Qatari Charity has made commitments to deliver various interventions and empowerment programs intended to uplift the less privileged and underserved populations across the state.

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