PAP urges Ex-Agitators to Resist Election Thuggery

The Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), Maj-Gen Barry Ndiomu (rtd), has advised ex-agitators in states with off-cycle elections to resist being used as thugs.
Maj-Gen Barry Ndiomu
Maj-Gen Barry Ndiomugoogle

During a solidarity visit by the Third Phase of the PAP, led by National Chairman Mr. Elaye Slaboh, Ndiomu urged them to vote conscientiously and uphold democracy. He cautioned against engaging in electoral malfeasance for financial gains, emphasizing their role as PAP ambassadors.

Ndiomu also stated the importance of supporting President Bola Tinubu's Renewed Hope Agenda for the Niger Delta and applauded the ongoing efforts to sustain and boost the PAP despite resource constraints.

He said, “We need to understand that these are financially difficult times and knowing that the Federal Government is doing its best and the PAP administration is working with an unchanged budget in addressing the needs of the ex-agitators are efforts worth applauding”.

Ndiomu implored them to also cherish the efforts of the management team of the amnesty programme for the various policies, innovations and initiatives it has introduced to address the welfare needs of beneficiaries sustainably.

While explaining that the amnesty programme was not established as a social welfare scheme for the region, Ndiomu pointed out that it was rather floated to address the needs of ex-agitators through formal and non-formal education, skills, and empowerment programmes to reintegrate them back into society.

According to him, “It is agreed that the Programme derailed and this is being corrected through the various policy reform initiatives, but, regrettably, some of the ex-agitators who are supposed to be direct beneficiaries of these policies are ignorantly supporting the old ways which failed to add value to the Programme”.

On the scholarship scheme, he assured that ex-agitators who were interested in furthering their academics would be considered on merit, noting that individual universities have spelt-out criteria for admitting students into various disciplines in their respective institutions.

The Interim Administrator however advised that considering the age of most ex-agitators, what would be more beneficial to them was an empowerment programme such as the PAP cooperative loan scheme, designed to unlock their entrepreneurial potential.

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