Osun Promises to Treat Unregistered Tricycle Owners as Criminals

This measure is aimed at curbing the misuse of tricycles for criminal purposes, and any operator without the necessary documents may be viewed as an accomplice to unlawful activities.
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The Osun State Government has issued a directive to commercial tricycle operators in the state, mandating them to possess valid documents to legitimize their operations, under the threat of potential penalties. 

This action comes in response to reports connecting certain tricycle operators to criminal activities within the state. 

The government has stipulated that unregistered tricycles will no longer be permitted to operate, and individuals found using tricycles lacking proper documentation will be subject to traffic offense charges.

Additionally, the government, through a statement by Mr. Yakubu Adejare, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Transportation, has urged tricycle operators to obtain essential documents such as hackney permits, roadworthiness certifications, and vehicle licenses before commencing operations in the state. 

Adejare's statement, as published in the State Ministry of Information and Public Enlightenment's bulletin in Osogbo, also indicated that tricycle operators not complying with these requirements may face scrutiny through stop-and-search operations conducted by OTRAM and VIO officials.

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