Osun at 32: Developmental Setbacks is a Tool to Resolve Problems

Adeleke tell Osun Residents.
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The Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, emphasized that viewing developmental setbacks as tools for resolving societal problems is crucial in finding solutions to the challenges faced by the state.

Adeleke stressed the importance of the citizenry's collective focus on implementing key strategies to ensure the state's sustained economic growth.

Speaking during his address on the 32nd anniversary of Osun State's creation, the governor outlined several strategies such as

Strengthening transportation networks, energy systems, and digital connectivity to attract investment, facilitate trade, and improve citizens' quality of life.

Continuously modernizing agricultural practices, providing training and market access to farmers to enhance food security and drive economic growth.

Promoting a culture of learning and innovation through improved educational facilities and research partnerships to foster a knowledge-based economy.

Developing sustainable tourism offerings by leveraging cultural heritage and natural beauty to create jobs and stimulate local economies.

Supporting SMEs with financial incentives, technical assistance, and market access to encourage entrepreneurship and diversify the economic base.

Implementing eco-friendly policies and sustainable practices to protect the environment and attract eco-conscious industries.

Collaborating with the private sector to develop infrastructure projects like energy, transportation, and healthcare, utilizing resources and expertise for mutual benefit."

Reflecting on Osun State's progress, the governor highlighted the state's growth in various fields and its achievements under the five-point agenda, including workers' welfare, education, healthcare, social security, and human capital development.

Furthermore, Adeleke mentioned the administration's efforts in building a digital ecosystem to drive tech-driven industrial development, harness academic potential for state growth, and upgrade infrastructure to boost the economy and job creation.

He encouraged citizens to perceive the anniversary of the state's creation as a reminder of their commitment to progress and development, urging them to remain steadfast in leaving behind a legacy of prosperity for future generations."

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