Ogun Varsity Clears Student Accused of Poisoning Girlfriend

The confirmation highlighted that the affected girl had recovered and been discharged from the hospital.
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The Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, has officially exonerated Oladokun Ayomide, a final-year student, from the serious allegations of poisoning his girlfriend, Ugbokwe Mmasichukwu, and another lady, Odumosu Semilore, in a recent incident that captured public attention.

Initially reported by PUNCH, Ayomide was arrested by the Ogun State Police Command, accused of administering a poisonous substance, believed to be a concoction of brownie cakes, alcohol, and an unknown harmful substance, to his girlfriend during an encounter at his residence in the Surulere community within the Camp area of the city on a Friday.

Contrary to these allegations, the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, through a statement issued by Olasunkanmi Olajide, Assistant Director of the Media Directorate of Public Relations, clarified that the cakes purchased by Ayomide inadvertently contained a high level of alcohol. This led to the unintended intoxication of the consumers, namely Ugbokwe Mmasichukwu and Odumosu Semilore.

Quoting the official statement, it was emphasized that Ayomide had no malicious intent, a fact corroborated by the results of the medical examination conducted at the institution's health centre. Both affected individuals were discharged from the hospital the following day and even managed to participate in their examinations on November 10, 2023.

The school went on to underscore the dismissal of all charges against Ayomide, as initiated by the parents and the school of the affected ladies, attributing the dropping of charges to the evident lack of malicious intent on Ayomide's part.

In a follow-up inquiry on Thursday, the Ogun State Police Command, represented by its Public Relations Officer, Omolola Odutola, confirmed that Ayomide had been released on bail. 

The confirmation highlighted that the affected girl had recovered and been discharged from the hospital, with the resolution of the matter facilitated through a settlement by the parents of the students involved.

In essence, this sequence of events paints a picture of Ayomide's innocence in the alleged poisoning case, as validated by both the university's statement and the confirmation from the police command, signaling a resolution through amicable settlements among the concerned parties.

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