Ogun State Immigration Arrest 62 Undocumented Migrants

On Tuesday, Bosede Olufunmilayo Olayemisi, the Comptroller of the Ogun State Command of the Nigeria Immigration Services (NIS), confirmed the apprehension of 62 illegal migrants in the state.

These migrants consisted of 61 Cameroonians and one Burkinabe.

Olayemisi, while addressing journalists in Abeokuta, the state capital, revealed that these illegal migrants were detained in the areas of Ibafo and Aseese in the Obafemi-Owode local government area of the state. Their apprehension followed an intelligence report received from the Lagos Zonal Command.

She provided details, stating, "Last week, we received a report from our Zonal Command in Lagos that a Cameroonian was attempting to obtain a Nigerian passport but was apprehended. He claimed to be residing in Ibafo. Later, he confessed that there are many others living between Ibafo and Sagamu.

Consequently, our officers took action, identified the location where they were staying, and arrested 33 of them in Ibafo. Two days later, we received information that some of them often gather in Aseese, Mowe area, leading to the apprehension of an additional 28 Cameroonians and one Burkinabe."

Olayemisi also pointed out that two Nigerians had been detained to aid the investigation, and preparations were underway to repatriate these illegal migrants to their home countries due to their unauthorized entry into Nigeria. She emphasized the security threat posed by these individuals.

Furthermore, the Comptroller raised concerns about the involvement of the 'QNet' networking business in the activities of these illegal migrants. She revealed that the Cameroonians claimed they had been lured into the country with promises of job opportunities, only to find themselves involved in the QNet networking business.

They reported paying up to N600,000 to register and purchase products, after which they were expected to recruit others from their country to join the business and build a network, similar to other networking businesses.

However, when questioned about their earnings from this business, some of them disclosed that they had made as little as $30, which is less than N30,000, in six months. Others reported earning $20 in two months, less than N20,000. Olayemisi emphasized the need for government investigation into the QNet networking business, labeling it as potentially fraudulent.

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