NLC to Commence Two-days Warning Strike from Tuesday

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has issued a threat to disrupt the economy, initiating with a two-day warning strike scheduled for next week.

This warning strike is set to take place on Tuesday, September 5, and Wednesday, September 6, as announced following a National Executive Council (NEC) meeting held by the Congress on Thursday.

During a press briefing on Friday, Comrade Joe Ajaero, the President of NLC, read the resolution, stating, "NEC, in session of NLC, resolved to embark on a total and indefinite shutdown of the nation within 14 working days or 21 days from today until steps are taken by the government to address the excruciating mass suffering and the impoverishment experienced around the country."

The NLC intends to kick off this action with a two-day warning strike to demonstrate their readiness for an indefinite strike later in the month. Additionally, they demand that the government vacates the illegally occupied national headquarters of the National Union of Road Transport Workers.

Furthermore, the NLC has resolved to stage a mass protest and rally in Imo State within September.

The NLC expressed concern over what they described as a renewed onslaught by the government and its agents against labor unions. Ajaero explained that the proposed strike action became necessary due to the government's deliberate neglect and disregard for engaging relevant stakeholders through the channel of social dialogue.

According to him, the Federal Government has refused to engage and reach an agreement with organized labor on critical issues stemming from the unfortunate hike in petroleum prices, which has inflicted significant suffering on Nigerian workers and the general population.

Ajaero also noted that there is an intensified attack on trade unions and their leadership by various states and their agents across Nigeria.

He cited an incident in which the police, acting under the instructions of certain forces purporting to represent the President of Nigeria, unlawfully occupied the national headquarters of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, seeking to install their own executive.

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