NLC Condemns Police Occupation of NURTW National Secretariat

The Nigeria Labour Congress has strongly denounced the occupation of the National Union of Road Transport Workers national secretariat by a group of thugs, allegedly in collaboration with the police.
Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC)
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The NLC expressed its concern in a communiqué released after an Emergency National Administrative Council meeting on Monday. It expressed its firm opposition to the alleged participation of the Nigerian Police in the invasion of the NURTW national secretariat in Abuja.

The NLC's communiqué emphasized the history of the Nigeria Police's interference in the internal affairs of various unions, which it sees as an encroachment on union autonomy and a violation of the legal framework governing industrial relations.

They strongly criticized the alleged involvement of the Inspector General of Police in the incursion of the NURTW National Secretariat, which appeared to be aimed at replacing the legitimately elected union leadership with an alternative faction.

The NAC (National Administrative Council) of the NLC unequivocally demanded the immediate and unconditional evacuation of the unlawfully occupied NURTW National Secretariat by both the police and the group of thugs. This demand was set to be fulfilled within 48 hours from the resolution's time.

In an effort to uphold transparency and accountability, the NLC urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to respond to allegations linking him to the individuals responsible for the invasion. The NLC underscored that President Tinubu, as a product of democracy, should clarify his stance and distance himself from any potential involvement in the incident.

They warned of the possibility of a strike if the lawfully elected NURTW leadership was not promptly reinstated. The resolutions made by the NAC reflect its unwavering commitment to democratic principles, safeguarding union autonomy, and ensuring the safety and rights of workers throughout Nigeria. As the situation unfolds, the NLC remains resolute in its dedication to protecting the interests of Nigerian workers and unions, while also urging for the swift resolution of the ongoing crisis.

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