LASTMA Collaborates with Nigerian Army to Address Recent Clash

Officials from the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) and the Nigerian Army recently convened to address a recent incident between members of the two security agencies.
The Army and LASTMA
The Army and LASTMAvanguardngr

A statement issued by Adebayo Taofiq, the Director of Public Affairs and Enlightenment Department of LASTMA, highlighted their commitment to upholding the longstanding cordial relationship between the agencies.

The incident in question gained attention when video clips surfaced, depicting alleged aggression from soldiers towards a LASTMA official who was involved in an altercation with a military personnel over a commercial bus seat. The Nigerian Army previously expressed concern over such clashes, deeming them "disturbing."

In their meeting, LASTMA assured that effective communication channels would be maintained and new hotlines explored to promptly address issues. Brigadier General Adegoke Moses Adetuyi, Commander of the 9 Brigade of the Nigerian Army, emphasized the importance of unity among security agencies and stressed the need for collaboration. He commended the efforts of LASTMA officials and pledged continuous support for their road safety initiatives.

Also present at the meeting were other army officials including Major A.A Nasir, Major A. Sanusi, Major A.A Onwemene, Major A.K Ballo, and LT T.H Owoyemi. Representatives from LASTMA included Mr. Peter Gbejemede, Mr. Apena Biliaminu, Mr. Adeoye James, Mr. Macaulay Modupe-Ore, CSP Ajibola Abayomi, and Adebayo Taofiq.

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