Lagos State Announces Eko Bridge Closure for Urgent Repairs

The Lagos State Government has officially announced the imminent closure of the Eko Bridge segment between Costain and Alaka descent.
 Commuters at Lagos Bridge
Commuters at Lagos BridgeGoogle

The decision comes as a response to the pressing need for emergency repairs, as detailed in a press statement released on Friday.

“These repairs are necessary to avoid the complete vandalisation and theft of the expansion joint as well as the replacement of missing parts and the recasting of the transition concrete around the expansion joint.

“Motorists planning to use the bridge are consequently advised to use the Costain Ramp to link Alaka through the Costain Roundabout,” the statement signed by the Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation, Mr. Oluwaseun Osiyemi, read.

The bridge will be closed on Saturday, November 4, 2023, by 4:00 am. and reopened on Monday, November 6, 2023.

“While assuring that the bridge will be reopened as planned, we would like to give assurances that adequate traffic and security personnel will be deployed to the construction zones and the alternative routes; motorists are urged to cooperate with them, exercise patience and observe safety measures,” the statement concluded.

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