Lagos Muslims Rally in Solidarity with Palestine

Thousands of Muslim demonstrators converged at Gani Fawehinmi Freedom Park on a Saturday, uniting in a powerful protest against the ongoing Israeli military actions in the Gaza Strip.
Picture from the rally
Picture from the rallyvanguardngr

Their collective demand was clear: that the Nigerian government severs diplomatic relations with Israel until a lasting Two-State resolution is achieved, among other pressing issues.

The protesters, comprising both men and women, carried placards bearing various inscriptions that echoed their unwavering support for Palestine.

Messages such as "Free Palestine, Free Gaza," "End Israel Apartheid Now!," "Nigerians Unite for Palestine," "Nigerians Call for Justice for Palestine," and "Good People of America Must Stop Joe Biden's Collaboration with Killers" were prominently displayed, reflecting the depth of their concern.

The Conference of Islamic Organizations (CIO), in the days leading up to this mass demonstration, had expressed their strong condemnation of the indiscriminate bombings of children and innocent civilians in hospitals. In response, they effectively mobilized Muslims throughout the region to participate in this rally, a potent display of solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

Notably, the rally was led by Sheikh Moshhod Ramadan, who presided over a moment of intense prayer, beseeching Allah for victory in Palestine and extending those prayers to their allies.

Addressing the gathering, Dean, Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto and Adviser to Vice Chancellor of Afro-Asian University, Somalia, Prof. Isa Maishanu, said: “Following a deep study of the crisis in all its ramifications, the Pan-Nigerian Front for the Support of Palestine declared and demanded the international community led by the United Nations should prevail upon Israel to cease its bombing campaigns of Gaza and other areas which has brought horror not just to the Palestinians but to the world.

“The United Nations should lead efforts at creating humanitarian corridors and ensuring that aid and relief packages have access into Gaza and other places. Any interim peace process must as a matter of necessity, incorporate the lifting of the siege of Gaza.

“We consider as irresponsible, reprehensible and barbaric the show of support by the duo of the United States and the European Union for Israel and we hold them complicit and culpable in this human tragedy happening before the global audience..

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