Grace Taiga
Grace Taigasahara reporters

Key figure in P&ID scandal, reported dead

The former Director of Legal Services of the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Grace Taiga, who was accused of collecting bribes from Process and Industrial Developments, P&ID, had passed away.

Reports indicate that Taiga's demise occurred in September, although this information had been kept from the public.

As reported in September 2023, she lost her battle with kidney disease, which ultimately led to her passing.

According to the report, her funeral is scheduled to take place in December in Delta State.

Grace Taiga had a distinguished career, serving in key positions at the Ministry of Petroleum Resources and the Ministry of Defence and got retired on September 1, 2010.

Notably, her name featured prominently in a ruling by a London court that invalidated an $11 billion award against Nigeria in a case brought by P&ID.

In his ruling, Judge Knowles determined that the award had been fraudulently obtained and that the proceedings in the case were contrary to public policy.

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