Kenyan Chef Surpasses Hilda Baci's Guinness World Record

Renowned Kenyan Chef Maliha Mohammed Unofficially Breaks Hilda Baci's Cooking Record
Hilda baci and Chef Maliha
Hilda baci and Chef Malihagoogle photo

After weeks of anticipation, accomplished Kenyan chef Maliha Mohammed has now unofficially surpassed Hilda Baci's previous record.

The mother of two, who had previously achieved a Guinness World Record in 2019, proudly shared her new achievement online. Notably, Hilda Baci had been recognized by Guinness World Records as the holder of the longest cooking time record in June.

However, just a mere two months later, Kenyan chef Maliha Mohammed has eclipsed this record. Beginning her cooking marathon on August 11, she cooked for an astonishing 95 hours, establishing a new unofficial record.

Taking to her Instagram page on Tuesday, Maliha joyfully announced her remarkable accomplishment using a special flyer that boldly proclaimed, "NEW WORLD RECORD."

She expressed her gratitude to @seagasltd and her supporters for their unwavering encouragement and assistance throughout this feat.

Maliha had previously undergone two successful cook-a-thon trials before embarking on her latest cooking marathon, and though her new record has not yet been recognized by Guinness World Records, her remarkable achievement stands as a testament to her culinary prowess and determination.

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