‘He won’t try it with emirs,’ Oluwo tackles Obasanjo

The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale, Telu I, has strongly criticized former President Olusegun Obasanjo's actions towards Oyo monarchs, considering it a desecration of the Yoruba tradition.
Oluwo of Iwo land
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He stated that such actions would not be tolerated if it involved emirs.

In a trending video, Obasanjo was seen ordering Yoruba traditional rulers in Oyo State to stand up and greet him while scolding them. He insisted that traditional rulers must show respect to governors or Presidents wherever they are seated.

Oba Akanbi, in a statement released by his media aide, Alli Ibraheem, expressed disappointment in the traditional rulers who complied with Obasanjo's order. He believed that Obasanjo should have displayed more respect when dealing with traditional rulers, emphasizing that monarchs are representatives of God on earth.

The monarch stated, "I trust myself and my stool. At death, there are certain things my soul will not take, let alone when alive, active, and kicking. I only blame the monarchs who stood in obeisance to such an ignoble act and desecration of traditional institutions by the old man. Respect should be earned, not demanded."

He continued, "Kingship is an institution of God. As such, relating with kings requires a high sense of modesty, courtesy, and respect. The display by the former president of Nigeria, General Obasanjo, was an affront, an intentional desecration, and sacrilege against revered stools of Yorubaland."

Oba Akanbi stressed that traditional rulers were not easily commanded, and he distanced himself from such actions. He demanded an apology from Obasanjo and urged Yoruba monarchs to uphold the dignity of their positions. He concluded by criticizing those who join secret societies, suggesting that such affiliations compromise their roles as responsible monarchs.

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