FRSC Warns Against Night Travel And Speeding in ‘Ember’ Months

Road safety personnels
Road safety personnelsGoogle

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has warned Nigerians against night travel and overspeeding during the ember months.

This they advised after stressing on the increase in road traffic crashes across the country are not only peculiar during ember months.

Bisi Kazeem, FRSC Spokesperson, revealed this in an interview with newsmen on Thursday.

September to December every year is regarded as the ’ember’ month and the period often witnesses increasing travels across the country with more vehicles on the road.

Kazeem noted that though road traffic crashes increased during the period, it however does not suggest that the situation reoccurs.

He said, “Road crashes cannot be said to increase during the ember months.

“Even though in some years, we record a slight increase, that does not suggest that the situation is recurrent.”

The spokesperson blamed night trips, fatigue, and excess speed for RTCs during the ember months.

Kazeem stated, “Nevertheless, for those years where crashes were said to be on the rise, our investigation revealed that most of the crashes occur as a result of night trips, fatigue, and excessive speed.

“Night journey often comes with poor visibility and in most cases, the drivers do not observe adequate rest in the day time before embarking on the trips.

“That is why the level of fatigue is on the rise and many would not park to get some rest because of security reasons. They force themselves on wheels and at the slightest distraction involved in road crashes.

“We also realized that poor vehicle maintenance is a contributory factor. So it goes to say that the factors responsible for the crashes are all human-induced.”

When asked about the mobile courts set up during the Ember months last year, he said.

“It is one of those strategies that has helped us reduce the burden of crashes on the roads. This is because they are often organized to meet specific target offenses like overloading, use of phones while driving, dangerous driving, and a whole lot of other road traffic violations.

“We have also deployed more patrol vehicles, ambulances for rescue and emergency cases, tow trucks, and bikes to formations nationwide.

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