Finance Ministry urges MDAs to cut Governance Cost

Mr. Okokon Udo, the Permanent Secretary of Special Duties at the Federal Ministry of Finance, has emphasized the significance of cost-cutting measures within governance.
Ministry of Finance HQ
Ministry of Finance HQGoogle

This assertion was made evident through a press statement issued by the Ministry's Director of Press & Public Relations, Stephen Kilebi, on Wednesday.

The statement conveyed Udo's viewpoint: "Government at all levels are faced with the challenge of lean economic resources whereas, the needs of the citizenry are on the increase, hence the need for the establishment of the efficiency unit by the Federal Government to reduce wastages, block leakages and cut costs in all Ministries, Departments and Agencies."

During a study tour to the Federal Ministry of Finance in Abuja, Udo reiterated his stance on the matter to a delegation from the Ministry of Finance, Nasarawa State, led by Dr. Agot James.

Udo further highlighted the necessity of an economy driven by purpose, one that utilizes every available economic tool to achieve its objectives. Notably, the Federal Government has initiated the Efficiency Unit at the federal level, aimed at prudently managing and harnessing all available resources to foster a robust economy.

Udo extended his advice to government officials at all tiers, urging them to cultivate an ethos of efficiency by utilizing government resources in a more productive manner.

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