Enugu Govt Warns Petrol Dealers To Stop Manipulating Meters

Threatens to shut down any fuel station exploiting buyers.
Enugu State Governor, Dr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah
Enugu State Governor, Dr. Peter Ndubuisi MbahFacebook

The Government of Enugu State on Friday cautioned that it would close petrol stations that are manipulating their meters to exploit motorists and other consumers of the product.

The state described the act as a criminal offense. Adding that exploiting consumers through deliberate manipulation of meters while dispensing fuel is inaccurate, insisting that such sharp practices would no longer be allowed to thrive in the state.

While urging the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria to ensure that filling stations comply with accurate metering systems, the government assured residents of its genuine concern for their plight in the hands of the exploiters.

The state Commissioner for Special Duties, Mr. Emeka Ajogwu, gave the warning during an unscheduled visit to some petrol stations in the Enugu metropolis to ascertain the alleged meter manipulation by filling station owners.

In all the stations visited, it was observed that none had an accurate metering system, including the major distributing stations.

Ajogwu, while addressing journalists shortly after the inspection, said that the government had been inundated with complaints from residents and motorists operating in the state that they were being shortchanged at petrol stations even with the high cost of the product, adding it informed the decision to visit stations for confirmation.

The commissioner criticized the insensitivity of the dealers who under-supplied the product purchased by consumers, adding that the days of such manipulation would soon come to an end as severe measures were being taken by the appropriate authorities against erring dealers.

 He wondered why petrol station dealers would exploit buyers, noting that the sharp practice was “unacceptable”.

“Over 20 filling stations visited adjusted their meters and sold between N600 and N620 per liter. It was confirmed that for every 20 liters of petrol bought, consumers were shortchanged N768.60, N702, N682.00, N575 N441.60, N480, N256.2 respectively.”

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