Electricity Distribution Companies Set to Resume Meter Deployment

Discos companies are set to resume the distribution of prepaid meters under the Meter Assets Provider (MAP) program this week, according to Morenikeji Amosun, the Head of the Metering Team, Ikeja.
ECG Prepaid Meter
ECG Prepaid MeterGoogle Photos

Amosun made this announcement during a virtual stakeholders' forum where he provided updates on the metering efforts.

Amosun disclosed that a new batch of meters had been imported as part of the MAP program, and the deployment process would commence soon. To streamline the distribution process, the company plans to address backlogs of old orders placed approximately two to three months ago before attending to fresh orders.

Importantly, Amosun clarified that customers who had paid for meters at the old prices prior to the recent price adjustments by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) would receive their meters without any additional charges. However, customers placing fresh orders would be subject to the new meter prices.

"We can assure you that MAPs has brought in new meters, and customers will start getting their meters in the coming week and beyond. But the focus would first be on those that had ordered about two/three months ago at old prices. For those that had paid old prices, no additional payment would be required from them before they get their meters. But new orders would carry the new prices," stated Amosun.

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