ECOWAS using Back-Channel Strategies to Avoid Bloodshed – Tinubu

During a meeting with Catherine Colonna, France's Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs in Abuja, President Tinubu disclosed that ECOWAS is using discreet methods to avert violence in Niger.
President Bola Tinubu
President Bola Tinubu Google Photo

President Tinubu noted that ECOWAS is committed to averting bloodshed in the West African nation while exploring diplomatic solutions and the protection of detained President Mohamed Bazoum, who was removed from office on July 26, is a priority for him.

Tinubu affirmed that Nigeria is vigilantly monitoring the situation in its neighboring country and actively pursuing diplomatic channels to prevent any escalation of violence.

He stated, "I am deploying all appropriate back-channel strategies to avoid bloodshed in the Niger Republic. We recognize the wishes of our people; they do not want war, but that does not mean we cannot take bold and decisive action."

“We have a colleague and a democratically-elected leader, President Bazoum, being used as a human shield. If we are not careful, he and his family can be endangered.

“Leadership is about responding to the needs of the people; their cries, and their frustrations. Nigeria shares a border with Niger across the expanse of seven Nigerian states, and most of these states are very populated. Therefore, I need to guide ECOWAS carefully and steadily so that we manage our anger carefully.”

In her remarks, the French minister commended President Tinubu’s leadership in handling the affairs of the regional bloc, saying: “We support your efforts at ECOWAS. We are behind you because we believe that constitutional order is a treasure for all countries, and democracy must be a reality”.

Colonna also conveyed the goodwill of President Emmanuel Macron and expressed the readiness of France to expand mutually beneficial collaboration with Nigeria across multiple sectors.

She proceeded to extend a formal invitation to President Bola Tinubu to attend the forthcoming Paris Peace Forum.

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