Adversaries must Surrender or be Totally Eliminated, CDS Warns

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Gen. Christopher Musa, has affirmed that the military's pursuit of adversaries will persist until they either surrender or are completely neutralized.
Gen. Christopher Musa
Gen. Christopher MusaGoogle

Musa gave this assurance during his address to the participants of Senior Course 46 at the Armed Forces Command and Staff College (AFCSC) in Jaji, Kaduna State.

In a presentation titled 'Nigeria’s Security and Defence Policies: My Leadership Concept for the Armed Forces of Nigeria,' the CDS emphasized that criminal elements doubting the Armed Forces' capabilities would not survive to recount their tales. He declared, 'Our adversaries must surrender, or the Armed Forces will relentlessly pursue them.'

Regarding the issue of banditry in the Northwest, Musa conveyed the military's commitment to eradicating it in due course. He reassured Nigerians that the current security challenges are manageable and reiterated the readiness of the Armed Forces to achieve success through collaborative efforts.

“The Armed Forces of Nigeria are people-oriented and will be there for the people to always feel their presence.

“For us to succeed, the people must be happy with what we are doing, and this is the center of our concept,” he added.

The CDS also stressed the imperative of synergy amongst the Armed Forces, saying no single service can achieve success without the other.

“Now, our operations are going to be joint, everybody will have a role to play including the citizens we are protecting, members of the armed forces and the paramilitary.

“We want Nigeria to be peaceful and developed, we want every Nigerian to be proud of the country at any time and everywhere.”

He therefore solicited the support and prayers of patriotic Nigerians for the Armed Forces to succeed in its mission.

“We want Nigerians’ prayers and support in terms of information, intelligence and report on our personnel who erred,” the CDS said.

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