20-year-old Man arrested for Allegedly killing Father for Ritual

The Ogun State Community, Social Orientation, and Safety Corps, known as So-Safe Corps, have apprehended a man named Ridwan for the alleged ritualistic murder of his father in Ogun.
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This information was disclosed in a statement released by the Office of the State Commander of the Corps, Soji Ganzallo, through the Office of the Director of Information and Public Relations of the Corps, Assistant Commander Moruf Yusuf.

The statement reported that on Thursday, August 31, 2023, at approximately 12:00hrs, officers of the Corps, during their routine patrol, heard unusual sounds coming from a building located in Oshoku Village, Ijebu North Local Government Area.

Concerned by the noise, the officers decided to investigate. To their shock, they discovered the lifeless body of a man lying in a pool of his own blood, and the suspected murderer had fled the scene.

Reacting promptly, Ganzallo instructed the Zonal Commander, Ijebu Zonal Command, ACC Marcus Ayankoya, to ensure the arrest of the suspected killer, Ridwan, within 24 hours.

Ridwan was eventually apprehended while attempting to hide in a nearby bush. He confessed to the gruesome murder of his father, Ishau, disclosing that he used a rope to strangle him and a knife to extract specific body parts for ritualistic purposes.

The alleged murderer admitted to removing his father's private parts, larynx, and four teeth, all of which were demanded by a ritualist known as Baba Kekere.

However, when questioned about the whereabouts of Baba Kekere, Ridwan declined to provide any details.

Subsequently, Ridwan was transferred to the Nigeria Police Force, Ogbere Divisional headquarters, for further investigation and potential prosecution.

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