Why l Bathed Daily with Human Head - 26-yr-old Ritualist

A 26-year-old man, Franklin Akinyosuyi, who is suspected of being involved in ritualistic practices, has provided an explanation for his daily bathing with a human head.
The suspect
The suspectVanguardngr

Akinyosuyi disclosed that he acquired the human skull and other body parts from an herbalist in Osun state.

During the weekend, the Ondo State Police Command paraded the suspect along with other alleged criminals.

In an interview, Akinyosuyi shared that he had been following the instructions of the herbalist in a bid to enhance his photography and boutique business, which had been facing severe challenges.

He recounted, "I am a photographer and I own a boutique as well. It was last year that my uncle took me to a herbalist. I explained to him that my business wasn't doing well, so he asked me to pay N200,000 to make a concoction for me, which I paid within three weeks.

After he finished, he asked me to come pick it up, and that was in November of last year. He directed that I should bathe with the human head every Thursday at 1 am."

Akinyosuyi continued, "I used it for a month but didn't see any difference in my business. So, I called the herbalist and asked for a refund of my money. I also requested him to come and take back the human head, but he refused to come. He had started refunding my money because he had already sent me N20,000.

So, one day, I decided to go and dispose of the human head, so I left it in my backyard. Unfortunately, I went out, and by the time I returned, my landlord's children had seen it, informed their father, and eventually contacted the police."

Akinyosuyi further explained, "After our arrest, the herbalist claimed that he had paid someone to obtain the human head." The police spokesperson, Funmi Odunlami, commented on the case, stating that a human skull was found in the possession of the suspect. Following further investigation, the police arrested an evangelist named Oyegoke Dare, who had provided the skull and other fetish materials to Akinyosuyi.

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