Nigerian Student En Route for London Dies in Cairo

A tragic incident unfolded during a Nigerian student's journey from Lagos to London on Egypt Air, as she fell ill mid-flight and subsequently passed away at a hospital in Cairo.
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The unfortunate journey began on a Monday when the young lady departed from Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos with the hope of reaching her destination in London. Meshioye's elder sister, Mrs. Olufunmilola Olaniyi-Alabi, recounted the family's ordeal, expressing their frustration with the lack of communication and assistance from the airline.

Despite repeated attempts to contact the airline's customer care and other phone details listed on their website, the family received no response. When they finally managed to get through, the call was abruptly cut. Only on one occasion did they speak to a man from the Egypt Air Regional Office in London, who claimed not to be aware of the situation and lacked information to share.

The family eventually contacted the agent who sold the ticket to Meshioye, and the agent provided proof that she did not board the plane from Cairo to Heathrow. It was at this point that the family intensified their efforts to obtain information from Egypt Air.

According to Mrs. Olaniyi-Alabi, the regional manager at Egypt Air's London office made inquiries with their Cairo office on Thursday afternoon. She later informed the family that Remi had fallen ill on the plane, and upon landing in Cairo, she was rushed to a local hospital where she later passed away. The family's attempts to gather more information about her death were met with limited success.

The family reached out to the Nigerian Embassy, where Mr. Saliu Agraza responded that Egypt Air had only informed them of Remi's death on Tuesday and had handed over her body but provided no other information or contact details for her relatives. Egypt Air stated that only Agraza, as the Nigerian consular, could request information about what transpired on the plane and at the airport, as well as access her belongings, documents, and CCTV footage.

The family believes that Egypt Air is withholding information about what happened to Remi on the flight and upon landing. They are demanding that Egypt Air return her body to Nigeria at their expense and return all her luggage to Lagos, where she boarded the plane.

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