Lady Narrates How she got Canadian visa without Agent's Help

Angela Sarpong, a Ghanaian residing in Canada, acquired her visa to study in the North American country without the assistance of an agent.
Angela Sarpong during the interview with SVTV Africa
Angela Sarpong during the interview with SVTV AfricaTiktok

In her interview, Angela said that she independently completed her application forms and navigated the visa acquisition process.

According to her, a significant number of Ghanaians struggle with obtaining visas on their own due to their reluctance to engage in reading and research. Angela, who successfully secured her Canadian visa, highlighted that she diligently read and understood the visa requirements, ensuring her eligibility for the application.

Speaking to DJ Nyaami of SVTV Africa, Angela clarified that her decision to apply for the Canadian visa was not driven by desperation but rather curiosity.

At the time, she had completed her national service and was living with her supportive mother. Angela expressed that she embarked on the visa application process out of interest, aiming to explore the opportunity.

When questioned about why many Ghanaians opt for agents instead of self-application, Angela attributed it to laziness and a lack of inclination towards reading and research.

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