TikTok Star Account Banned Over Buried Alive Stunt

The challenge according to journalists contradicts TikTok safety guidelines.
TikTok Bans Young C's account over burial challenge
TikTok Bans Young C's account over burial challenge X

Nigerian TikTok content creator Young C (username Youngcentertainment) live streamed a dangerous stunt where he was buried alive for 24 hours. TikTok took down his account for violating their safety guidelines as the video went viral.

Meanwhile, Young C came out of his self-imposed burial and called on fans to follow his new account, @youngcentertainment2, to stay updated. He disclosed not attempting this risky stunt himself.

It was gathered that earlier this week, Young C made public his intention to be buried for a day. To counter scepticism, he shared a video assuring viewers of the stunt's legitimacy and promised a nighttime livestream from the coffin.

He shared a video from inside the coffin, demonstrating that his camera and light were still functioning, and expressed his unwavering determination to successfully complete the challenge. 

Also, according to reports, the content creators sought internet fame. Although his actions posed a significant safety risk, he emerged unharmed, but his experience highlights the importance of prioritising safety over online clout.

Young C's TikTok challenge grave
Young C's TikTok challenge grave X

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