The Olor'ogun Dr. Sonny Folorunso Kuku, New Ogbeni Oja of Ijebu


In a grand ceremony scheduled for February 3, 2024, Ijebu Ode is set to embrace a historic moment as The Olor'ogun Dr. Sonny Folorunso Kuku assumes the esteemed position of Ogbeni Oja, a chieftaincy title rich in cultural significance in Ijebuland. A distinguished global medical expert, Dr. Kuku's ascendancy heralds a new era, blending tradition, progress, and unwavering community service.

Emerging from the renowned Kuku Dynasty, The Olor'ogun Dr. Sonny Folorunso Kuku carries a legacy deeply rooted in both medical expertise and cultural stewardship. His role as a Master Physician and co-founder of EKO Hospital has not only transformed healthcare but elevated the institution to unparalleled heights. EKO Hospital, the only quoted hospital on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, stands as a testament to Dr. Kuku's unwavering commitment to excellence.

Dr. Kuku's leadership extends beyond the realm of medicine, evident in his roles as Chairman of Ecobank Nigeria and Director of Total Health Trust Ltd. His multifaceted leadership style, defying traditional boundaries, is underscored by numerous degrees and fellowships in medicine, highlighting his commitment to erudition and scholarly achievement.

A remarkable facet of Dr. Kuku's tenure has been his transformative impact on the Ojude Oba Festival. Under his artistic direction, the once-stately affair has evolved into a captivating spectacle, breathing new life into cultural traditions. The Baloguns' horse riding tradition, now a grand display, reflects Dr. Kuku's dedication to infusing glamour and opulence into cultural celebrations.

Dr. Kuku's influence extends globally, reflecting a commitment to community well-being both at home and abroad. Beyond his medical achievements, his role as Pro Chancellor of the University of Benin adds to his extensive list of accomplishments. As the Chairman of Eko Hospitals PLC, he continues to shape the healthcare landscape, demonstrating a dedication to multifaceted leadership and service.

The Ogbeni Oja title, bestowed by the esteemed Awujale, holds a special place in Ijebu Ode's cultural heritage. Dr. Kuku's appointment aligns seamlessly with the enduring spirit of Ijebuland, where leaders play a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of the community. This historic moment symbolizes a convergence of tradition, progress, and community service, ensuring the legacy of Ogbeni Oja thrives under Dr. Kuku's guidance.

In conclusion, The Olor'ogun Dr. Sonny Folorunso Kuku's elevation to Ogbeni Oja not only marks a personal achievement but also signifies a promising chapter for Ijebu Ode. His exceptional leadership, commitment to excellence, and cultural contributions ensure that the legacy of Ogbeni Oja remains not just vibrant but resilient, leaving an indelible mark for generations to come.

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