Zimbabwe Pastor Commits Suicide after Leaks on WhatsApp Group

A tragic incident unfolded within the United Methodist Church as Oscar Mukahanana, a respected Christian cleric, took his own life in the wake of a deeply distressing situation.
late Reverend Oscar
late Reverend Oscarvanguardngr

Mukahanana, who served as a Reverend and held the position of Harare East District Superintendent in Zimbabwe, found himself embroiled in a scandalous extra-marital affair with a young woman within the church community.

The crisis deepened when it was revealed that an audio recording of their secret liaison had made its way onto the church's WhatsApp group. In this recording, Mukahanana openly discussed his excitement after encounters with the woman, even mentioning the timing of her menstrual cycle.

This revelation led to an onslaught of mockery and ridicule from fellow church members, who not only shared the leaked conversation but went as far as creating memes to amplify the humiliation.

Unable to bear the weight of humiliation and shame that had engulfed him, Mukahanana tragically chose to end his own life on a fateful Friday.

The UMC Harare District, while reacting to the incident said in a statement, “It is with heavy heart to announce to you the untimely death of our Beloveth District Superintendent Rev Oscar Mukahanana of the Harare East District.

“The Office of the Bishop shall be informing the church of developments and funeral arrangements. As a Church, you are being cordially requested to support the Mukahanana family through your prayers.”

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