Your January Salary Belongs to Me – Pastor Tells Members

A South African clergyman, Pastor Anosike, has informed his church members that their January salary belongs to him and not to the church.
Pastor Anosike
Pastor AnosikeFB

The pastor asserted that he does not fear backlash or criticism, emphasizing that their initial income is solely for him.

He stated that if his followers regard him as their spiritual father, they should offer him their first income of the year.

He further mentioned that such an act of honor would bring blessings to them.

In a viral video, the cleric promise to return the money if his members do not testify by the middle of the year after donating their January salary to him.

“This month's salary is your first fruit of the year; it is for me, not for the church. I want to challenge you, by the spirit of God, I fear nobody and I fear no criticisms.

“If you call me your spiritual father, this month salary is your first fruit of the year, It is for me, not for church. It is for this altar, it is for this oracle, it is for this vessel, this one God has prepared.

“It is for my welfare, if you honor me with the first fruit of your first year, by the middle of this year, if you don’t testify, come back, I’ll give back to you.

“You will see wonders, covenant with my spirit, Paul said, though I be absent, but I am present in the spirit. I’ve judged you, I may not be visible to you, but I am watching in the realms.

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