No Prophet Married only One Wife in The Bible - Oshoffa’s son

Olatosho Oshoffa
Olatosho Oshoffagoogle

Olatosho Oshoffa, son of the Celestial Church of Christ's founder Bilewu Oshoffa, has shared his perspective on polygamy in the church, stating that the practice is not forbidden.

In defense of his late father's large family, the shepherd of CCC International Headquarters in Ketu, Lagos, argued that none of the prophets in the Bible had a single wife.

“Can I tell you something… (sic)? You see, in that scripture, Paul was only advising. Tell me in the Bible, which prophet of God had only one wife? Do your research and tell me,” Oshoffa

The late Oshoffa, as the leader of one of Nigeria’s Christian congregations, left behind 13 wives and 53 children, sparking concerns about his lifestyle.

Despite his late father already having three wives, Tosho, also known as the younger Oshoffa, dismissed such concern by stating that God still gave him the vision to start his ministry 76 years ago.

He stated that if there was a better candidate in 1947 to found CCC, Oshoffa wouldn’t have been chosen. However, since there wasn’t a better candidate, he was the only one that God found worthy to establish CCC, despite having three wives. So those who are condemning his father should be aware that he never had any concubine.

He noted that he married his wives, but today, men of God with only one wife might have concubines outside.

He explained that his father's approach to maintaining a closely knitted large family was by not training the children from different mothers.

After the departure of the founder, the cleric mentioned that the leadership crisis in the celestial church was anticipated. Yet, he was optimistic that the problems would be resolved shortly.

He, however, declared that his eldest brother, Rev. Emmanuel Oshoffa, is the leader of the church

“Now, when the founder of this church departed, the same way Jesus Christ departed, there were troubles among the apostles about who would lead.

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