Popular Crossdresser, Bobrisky Loses Father

Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okuneye, commonly known as Bobrisky, is mourning the loss of his father, Kunle Okuneye.
Bobrisky  and his father
Bobrisky and his fathergoogle photo

The sad news has been verified by Bob's brother, Debola Okuneye, who has shared details regarding the upcoming funeral arrangements. Further insights into the passing of the deceased have been provided by a close friend and colleague named Lastborn.

The well-known Nigerian crossdresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly addressed as Bobrisky, is currently facing the loss of his father, Kunle Okuneye.

The confirmation of this heart-wrenching news came from Debola Okuneye, one of the sons of the departed, who communicated the sad occurrence to The Punch on the morning of Monday, August 14. According to Debola, his father passed away in the early hours of the day.

"Yes, my father died this morning, and we are making preparations for his burial," Debola Okuneye shared with The Punch during the conversation.

The Punch also engaged in conversation with Lastborn, a close friend and colleague of the deceased, who provided further information about the impending arrangements for Kunle Okuneye's final rites.

Lastborn confirmed that the deceased would be laid to rest according to Islamic customs, with the burial scheduled to take place by 4 pm on Monday, August 14. Lastborn, who serves as the secretary of the Beach Nigeria Enterprises, a car rental company situated at the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos where the late Okuneye had previously held the position of director, confirmed the burial time.

"Yes, you saw it. It's true; he will be buried by 4 pm today," Lastborn affirmed, conveying the authenticity of the information. Kunle Okuneye, a native of Ijebu-Igbo in Ogun state, will find his final resting place in his hometown, following the traditions and customs that hold significant meaning for his family and community.

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