Men Still Want me at 59, Actress Rita Edochie Affirms

Says she is hotter than fire, and a correct baby.
Real and AI generated photo of Rita Edochie
Real and AI generated photo of Rita Edochie Instagram

A Nigerian film actress, Rita Edochie, has reflected on her younger days and how men used to be interested in her.

The veteran actress made the disclosure in a social media post accompanied by an AI-generated image capturing her younger self.

She stressed her selective nature in choosing her life partner, declaring that at the age of 22, she found her ideal match.

Edochie revealed that, in spite of the passage of time, men are still asking her out.

Her words, “I have always let people know that my younger days were so hot; you all thought I was playing?

“Men were mad about me, but trust Ijele, I was very picky since I needed to get the best man that deserved me, and at age 22, my great husband came. Tony Edochie came my way, and I swiftly grabbed him because he was the only man who merited me. 

“The horrifying thing is that, at my present age, men still love to have me. I’m hotter than fire, and I’m a correct baby.

“Still didn’t grab hold of what wasn’t mine, but people who think their breasts are bigger than their bodies will hurry to claim someone else’s possessions, and they won’t let us hear words on social media.”

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