Work Resumes on Abandoned Anambra-Kogi Road

Senator Nwoye said the contractors have shown readiness to start the project and they believe that the reconstruction this time would not be abandoned like in the past.
Anambra, Kogi State, road [X]
Anambra, Kogi State, roadX

The residents of Anambra North jubilate as construction has finally resumed on a key road linking Anambra to Kogi State, the Otuocha-Anam-Nzam-Ibaji Federal Road, after years of neglect. The 30-kilometre stretch was in terrible condition, cutting off many rural communities in the area. 

The resumption of work on the road has been met with tears of joy and jubilation as residents and stakeholders alike celebrated the long-awaited development. Due to the poor road, many communities in Anambra had to travel all the way through Illah in Delta State just to get around Anambra.

Local leaders, including Dr. Tony Nwoye, Senator representing Anambra North Senatorial District, and Hon. Peter Anaekwe, House of Representatives member for Anambra East and West, have been pushing for this project for a long time, and their efforts seem to have finally paid off.

Nwoye noted that the resumption of work on the road is a testament to the federal government’s dedication towards tackling the infrastructure needs of the region. He affirmed that through his commitment over the years, when he was in the 8th House of Representatives, he had vigorously pushed for the construction of the road, adding that now that he is in the 10th Senate, he has continued with that zeal to make sure the road gets enough attention and funding from the federal government.

He opined that his efforts have paid off as President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Senator Dave Umahi, Minister of Works, have come to save the people of Anambra North by re-awarding the road for the sum of about N34 billion.

The senator assured that proper evaluation, monitoring, and oversight would be administered as the work progressed to make sure that quality work would be done and also to ensure that there would be value for money for the people of Anambra North.

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