Women Advocate for Gender Equality in Solid Mineral Mining Sector

women in mining
women in miningGeoff Brown

Ambassador Mrs. Temitope Aminat Ajayi, popularly known as Mama Diaspora, and the founder of the Nigeria America Agriculture Empowerment programme, has made a strong demand for female equality in Nigeria's solid mineral mining business.

Ambassador Temitope emphasized the imperative of creating an inclusive environment that empowers women to actively participate in the solid mineral sector. Highlighting the significant contributions women can make to the industry's growth and development, she underscored the necessity of removing barriers hindering their participation.

Addressing key stakeholders and policymakers, Ambassador Temitope emphasised the necessity of enacting policies and measures that promote gender equality and give equal opportunities for women in the mining industry. She urged the Senate to champion legislative reforms aimed at breaking down systemic barriers and promoting women's involvement in all facets of the solid mineral value chain.

The push for gender equality in Nigeria's solid mineral industry comes at an important time, as the country strives to use its massive natural resources for economic growth. With women making up a sizable proportion of the population, their meaningful participation in the mining sector is not just an issue of social fairness, but also of long-term growth and national advancement.

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