Why it’s difficult to market Nigeria globally – Obong Attah

Obong Attah
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Obong Victor Attah, the former Governor of Akwa Ibom State, has highlighted the challenges faced in marketing Nigeria to the international community for foreign investments and exports, attributing it to the use of incorrect individuals and methods.

Speaking at the 2024 investiture ceremony of the Institute of Certified Sales Professionals in Ikeja, Lagos on Saturday, where he was invested as the Chief Patron of the institute, Attah also stated that the country's lack of patriotism and poor human relations among its citizens have been obstructing favorable trade relations with other nations.

He pointed out that what made the February 2023 Presidential Election unique from all previous ones was the emphasis on character assassination by the presidential candidates and their supporters, rather than on presenting their plans for governance if elected.

He emphasized that Nigerians have overlooked the fact that the President of the country is the number one National Salesman, responsible for selling Nigeria first to Nigerians, and then to the rest of the world.

He continued, "Our relationships with other nations would typically be characterized by passive acknowledgement rather than enthusiastic support, which is not a solid foundation for enduring and sustainable economic progress through external trade."

Attah highlighted that the nation has a lot to offer to the world beyond crude oil, but regrettably, Nigeria has lost its pride of place in the agricultural sector.

In his remarks, Dr Dele Sobowale, a columnist, highlighted the importance of selling the country to the outside world correctly and professionally.

President of the institute, Arthur Ozoigbo, pointed out that salesmen face significant risks in promoting products and services, underscoring the importance of allowing professional salesmen to contribute to national development.

Bukunmi Fabelurin, the Registrar, stated that the institute is now recognized as a leading entity in elevating the professionalism of salespersons in their job.

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