We’re Not After Your Job, NLC Tells President Tinubu

Says the Congress stood firm that it would continue to fight for the wellbeing and living conditions of its members and other Nigerians
NLC President, Joe Ajaero
NLC President, Joe Ajaerogoogle

The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, on Friday, informed President Bola Ahmed Tinubu that Organised Labour is not after his job, but better living conditions for citizens, specifically workers.

Reacting to President Tinubu’s outpouring against Tuesday's nationwide protest over the intensifying hunger, hardship and poverty all over the country led by the NLC, Congress stood firm that it would continue to fight for the wellbeing and living conditions of its members and other Nigerians.

According to a press statement by its President, Joe Ajaero, NLC hinted that “The current statements assigned to President Bola Tinubu during the commissioning of the Red-Line Railway Project have flashed intense concern within the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC. We find these comments, especially those regarding the role of Labour in governance, to be absolutely at variance with the scuffle faced by ordinary Nigerians under existing policies.

“President Bola Tinubu’s hint that Labour does not have the ethical ground to challenge his administration, just nine months into office, is exceptionally troubling. 

However, his center of attention on partisan challenges and the distant 2027 election cycle, slightly more than the immediate needs of the populace, further emphasizes a disconnection from the actuality faced by Nigerians daily.

“It is unfortunate that the President seems oblivious of the profound difficulty experienced by millions of Nigerians. The pervasive starvation, joblessness, housing insecurity, and high costs of commodities such as food and healthcare demand urgent attention and decisive measures. Yet, instead of tackling these crucial issues, President Tinubu appears preoccupied with political calculations and future electoral prospects.

“The NLC wishes to stress that our fundamental target is not to vie for political positions, including that of the President. Rather, our sole objective is to advocate for productive governance that prioritizes the wellbeing and security of all Nigerians. We call on President Tinubu to redirect his attempts towards fulfilling this primary duty of public office, rather than engaging in political rhetoric.

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