We Want Action From Govt Not Strike, NLC Affirms 

Says they only issue an ultimatum when reminders to the government are not implemented.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has opined that the labour unions do not benefit from the on going strikes, noting that they only wish for the proper things to be done by the federal government.

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) and NLC issued a 14-day ultimatum to the Federal Government yesterday, asking it to fulfill the 16-point agreement with workers since October, last year.

This was disclosed by Uchenna Ekwe, Head of International Relations of the NLC, during an interview today with newsmen.

Ekwe revealed that the unions only issue an ultimatum when reminders to the government are not implemented.

He said, "People normally see when NLC starts putting up a warning, and if you notice the comments, people will say we don’t want a strike, it will disrupt. Balancing all these, Let me make this clear, the NLC is actually never interested in a strike, we don’t want a strike; we want the proper things to be done by government."

Ekwe added, "Before you see NLC issue a public ultimatum, there must have been many communications (not made public) to the government system calling their attention to probably an agreement like in this case.”

Similarly, he said the consensus between Labour and the government was reached in October, 2023, and many communications serving as reminders to the government have been going on, which have yielded little result.

He complained that some items out of the 16-point agreement have not received any attention and that the unions want them addressed.

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